The following four steps are my unique process that combines coaching, resilience expertise and heartbeat analytics. I have used this approach to build resilience with CEOs, business directors and as part of company wide resilience programmes in the insurance, recruitment, energy, real estate and healthcare sectors.


1. Resilience assessment

Measuring resilience

Each participant is invited to wear a monitor for a week to measure their stress and recovery, which we map against their activities recorded during the measurement period.


2. Identifying insights

Developing insights as a basis for change

We discuss the results of the resilience report and use the insights to identify personal experiments; these are hypotheses to test for improving personal resilience.


3. Developing tools

Creating the approach for action

We explore the collective resilience of the team using insights from the resilience report and a variety of tools. As an outcome, we define collective experiments to build resilience across the team.


4. Impact measurement

Giving it a go

Participants wear the monitor for a second time to test the impact of their personal and collective experiments and what the changes have made to their stress and recovery.